Someone I Use

On my website, I have a lot of “People I Use” — since I am in real estate and cannot make real “recommendations” (for legal reasons) — I just tell everyone who I have found to be responsible and that I personally use.


I am a “Chiropractic Baby” born into a Chiropractic family, and raised by my Chiropractic Grandmother when I was orphaned by the age of 5.


Good Chiropractors are not easy to find – some seem to think of themselves as “Healers” who can cure everything from impotence to cancer.


They can’t! What they can do, or at least some of them can do is to correct structural problems, and most of us have a problem like that once in awhile.


When I was a young Naval Officer I had terrible L1, S5 lower back problems. After many months of treatment, a Navy Doctor took me aside and said, “Don’t say I said this, but go find a Palmer Graduate Chiropractor.”


That was, and is, good advice. In the Chiropractic community, Palmer is the highest reputation college.


When my wife was picking up our taxes from Meadows resident CPA Mike Dunlap in Escondido, she noted that his building had a Palmer Graduate Chiropractor – Dr. Kevin Bugg. 235West 5th.   760-480-2909


So far, a careful and conservative diagnostician, who makes no outrageous claims. He does a fine adjustment, takes X-Rays for diagnostics, and takes his time.


Just what I would expect from a Palmer Graduate.


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